ACE is AniCura’s concept for Continuing Education.

Easy access to webinars and short courses allowing you to learn wherever you are and in your own time.

AniCura LAB

A collection of online laboratory courses to help develop a smoother workflow, better patient care and a healthier business.

AniCura MIG 2020

The AniCura Medical Interest Group Congress is a recurring congress where vets and nurses meet to share knowledge and learn from some of the world’s leading experts in veterinary medicine.

Unfortunately the physical congress got cancelled because of Covid-19.

Instead we created an online congress on demand...

AniCura WoW

In AniCura we strongly believe that employees make the difference and lead the way to operational excellence.

The transformation towards operational excellence is built on three principles:

  • We are empowering our employees to take active part in real time management as well as to daily expose and address problems.
  • The end to end patient journey and customer experience is the focus of our improvements.
  • Our empowered employees are supported by coaching leaders.

We call it AniCura Ways of Working (WoW) and this is one component in shaping the future of veterinary care, together

AniCura Social Academy Italy

Webinars in Italian

We believe in growth through sharing and support the exchange of skills and experience within our team.